Bebi Infant Suitable Water:
Making Life Easier For Busy Mums

A mum can be faced with so many jobs within one short day – but boiling and cooling water doesn’t have to be one of them! Bebi® Infant Suitable Water is filtered and pasteurised using a modern bottling process. The result is quality, ready to drink baby water that can be stored at room temperature and used at any time – no boiling and cooling necessary. Making Bebi Infant Suitable Water the ideal solution for busy mums and babies!

Bebi Infant Suitable Water Is Perfect For Mums And Babies On The Go!

It is recommended to exclusively breastfeed babies up to six months and then continue to breastfeed for up to 2 years, according to the World Health Organisation (WHO). There are currently no infant formulas on the market that replace all the ingredients of fresh breast milk. However, when mothers find it difficult to breast feed, or choose to top up or replace breast milk, a suitable infant formula must be used as a substitute to breast milk. Please consult your doctor, baby health nurse and/or your lactation consultation before deciding to stop breastfeeding your baby, and to discuss which infant formula is best for your baby.

According to the WHO also, in order to avoid the risk of serious bacterial infections to babies, you must boil your water (even if it’s regular bottled water) and allow it to cool before using. All feeding bottles and teats/nipples also must be sterilised after every use.

As any parent can tell you, time can be a precious commodity when you have a baby in the house. If you’ve struggled to find a balance between convenience and safety when preparing safe water and bottles for your baby, you’re not alone. And we have the solution for you!

Now, you can have safe infant water at your fingertips anywhere and anytime. Bebi Infant Suitable Water offers you the same protection as boiling your water; but at a much faster pace, thanks to our advanced and award winning packaging innovation.

✔ Bebi Infant Suitable Water is filtered, pasteurised and ready to drink, or mix with any brand of powdered infant formula for your baby’s milk. No need to boil and cool first!

✔ Safety is of utmost importance to us, so we have made all Bebi® bottles BPA free and have them tamper evident sealed at the factory to ensure product safety.

✔ What is even easier – Bebi Australia uses a new PoppetSafe® closure, with the hospital grade infant teat/nipple being made from approved food grade materials and is non-silicone, sterile and ready for single use.

✔ There’s even an easy-to-use numbered fill panel on the side of the bottle to simplify formula preparation. Whether you’re gearing up for a holiday or just want an easier way to prepare formula at home, you can count on Bebi!

✔ We care about the environment too, the Bebi® product is recyclable and has been independently tested to meet government standards (British Standard BS7368:1990, ‘Specification for Babies Elastomeric Feeding Bottle Teats’).

Looking For A Convenient, Safe Baby Drink? Water Is A Great Way To Quench Your Baby’s Thirst

Bebi Infant Suitable Water is not just for babies. Apart from breast milk after the age of 6 months, sterilised water is the next most recommended drink for hydration. After a long day of playing, learning and having fun, a little hydration is definitely in order for an active toddler. Whether you’re at home or out on the playground, you can easily quench your child’s thirst with ready to drink, Bebi Infant Suitable Water.

Bottled in a sterile, BPA-free container with a convenient, ready to use teat, this infant water drink is prepared to go wherever the day takes you. Simply unscrew the teat and you have a safe delicious tasting water for older children or yourself to enjoy too. From play dates at the park to weekend holidays, there’s no limit to the convenience of Bebi Infant Suitable Water as a ready to go drink!